Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grooming For Interview


* Keep hair well-groommed. Even though coloured and tinted hair may appear "cool", some interviewers may still find it unacceptable for certain job. If you have a beard or moustache, make sure it is trimmed and tidy.

* Do not wear earings. Generally in the business world, it is still not acceptable for men to use these accessories.

* Wear neutral colours. Different colours send different messages and project different personalities. For example, strong pink is a controveversial colour, so avoid wearing it at job interviews. Shades of blue, brown, beige, white and grey are colours that project seriousness and professionalism.

* Wear a belt that matches your shoes. If your trousers have belt loops, you need a belt and it should match the colour of your shoes.

* Clean and trim your fingernails. Unkempt nails give the impression that you are an untidy person and the inteviews could interpret this as your working style.

* Empty your pockets. Do not carry a ciggarette pack or a lot of coins and keys to an interview. They make you look clumsy and the jingling noise is distracting.


* Style you hair tastefullt. If it is coloured or highlighted, make sure it look stylish. Strongly bleached hair and uncommon colour schemes (purple, green, blue) project an image of non-comformity and individualism. A prospective employer will surely consider the implications of these attributes when deciding on your employability.

* Earrings should enhance your appearance, and not be a distraction during the interview. Avoid dangling chunky ones that swings about when you speak or move your head. Wear small, classic style-just one per earlobe, please.

* Apply make-up sparingly, and keep the look professional.

* Wear comfortable clothing. Choose a comfortable, well flitting skirt or pants suit which looks elegant. Avoid short skirts and daring outfits. Pay attention to the colour mix and avoid strong colour combinations.

* If you are wearing nail polish, make sure it is light-coloured. Loud colours and nail art should be avoided.

* Coordinate your outfit with your shoes. Avoid very high-heeled shoes. They give you an unnatural posture. Do not wear sandals either, as they look too casual.

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